5 Tips to Prep Your House for Viewing

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After all that time and money spent on advertising your property, finally you managed to secure an interested buyer that wishes to come down to view the property.

You’re excited as you’re one step closer to selling your house but before that, you have to ensure your house looks presentable and welcoming to the buyer. Here are 5 ways you can prepare your house for viewing.

1. Clean and declutter

A dirty and messy house is a sure-fire way to scare off any prospective buyers as it gives the impression that the house is not taken care of. To prevent that, you want to whip out your broom and mop and start cleaning! Don’t forget to dust your furniture and wipe down your countertops as well, as a visible layer of dust on anything is pretty off-putting.

Keep all the bulky furniture and clear the hallways so you can maximise all the usable space in your house to give the impression of a spacious living quarter.

The buyers will be checking out all the rooms, so make sure all the beds are made and any toys lying around are neatly put away and stored.

If you have already moved out or you’re too busy to clean, you can consider hiring a cleaning service once every few weeks.

2. Keep it neutral

You may feel like your leopard-print couch in the living room with bright red walls adds character to your house but… your buyer might not appreciate the fiery touch.

Repaint your walls to neutral colours like tan, white or a light grey so buyers can focus on what your house features instead of getting distracted by glaring colours. You might also want to lay a slipcover over the attention-grabbing couch.

Being neutral includes keeping personal items out of sight, remember to keep your family photos before the viewing. Your buyers want to envision your house as their own future living space, so nothing personal should be displayed.

3. Let there be light

It is important to let natural daylight in during the viewing. Open all the curtains and remove any potential obstructions like vases or potted plants that might block the sunlight.

If the viewing is held at night, be sure to turn on all the lights and make your house as brightly lit as possible.

Nobody wants to choose a dark and gloomy house to call home.

4. Take note of smells

Pay attention to all smells in your house like stale cooking air or a sour stench emitting from your garbage can.

Open all the windows and don’t do any heavy cooking 2 hours before the viewing to prevent heavy odours from lingering.

Wash your garbage can thoroughly to remove unpleasant smells.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods are generally pleasing and welcoming. If you don’t have time to bake, simply light a scented candle to imitate the warm homely scent. This helps buyers to connect with the kitchen.

5. Give each room a purpose

You know that spare room that you use as your workspace, your extra storage room and basically a multi-purpose room?

Yea, it would be a good idea to pick a purpose and redesign or rearrange the furniture to best demonstrate the purpose of the room.

This lets buyers see how they can use the room for themselves and scores you bonus points as it shows an added benefit for buyers who are considering your house.
With all these points in mind, you can play your part in facilitating a fast transaction of your house. You are this close to closing the deal, don’t let it slip away because of a dirty house. Wishing you all the best in the sale of your home!

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