5 Ways to Decorate Your House This Year!

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Another year has passed and we are starting a brand new year afresh. With all the new year resolutions going around, do you have any plans to spruce up the place you call home? A new year represents a new start. What better way to welcome new beginnings than bringing a new look to your current living quarters? Here are 5 ways you can decorate your house this year!

1. Accessories

Don’t underestimate how small ornaments or paintings can easily switch up the vibe of a specific area, when strategically placed around the house. Here are a few simple additions.
Drawings can be a great way to connect with your inner creative self by vamping up an empty wall or adding a splash of colour to a quiet corner. If you’re more adventurous, perhaps throw in a new statue by the television to amp up your living room.
Plants brighten up any space by injecting it with life. Also, what’s not to like with nature’s very own natural air purifier. Having indoor plants also boasts of some pretty awesome health benefits. Blessed with green fingers or not, the vast diversity of indoor plants means the options are endless.
Mirrors are also a great way to add depth to your house by reflecting the existing space, creating an illusion of an expansive area. Just be mindful of the placement of the mirrors, as you want them to reflect the highlights of your house. Be sure to check they’re reflecting pretty scenes.

2. Paint

Old and stained walls? Bored of the existing colour theme? What simpler way to switch up the interior of your house than a fresh coat of paint? Just looking to change the colour of one to two walls? Rope your family in and bond over the activity. You could also save some cash by doing it yourself. Looking to make some serious changes? You might want to leave it to the professionals. Choose neutral themes for a classic touch of elegance or add some bold colours if being adventurous is your cup of tea. Can’t decide? Mix it up! Use loud colours to enrich neutrals, with the combination catered to your own quirks.

3. Shelves

Not enough space for your stuff that accumulated over the years? Throw in some new shelves to create some hanging space. Be it for organisation or aesthetics, shelves are an easy addition to your home. With the ongoing D-I-Y trend, just head down to your nearest IKEA to get started!

 4. Dress Up Your Windows

Don’t neglect your windows! Other than letting the natural light in and keeping the rain out, windows are a great way to make a statement. Play around with an understated pop of colour to your window sills. Jazz up your curtains, switch the colour or the texture to showcase your personal style. Light flowy materials add a dab of sweet romance and thick embroidered designs lend a touch of elegance. Blinds are also increasingly popular, with white and wooden blinds most frequently selected. But above all, be mindful of the room’s usage so your curtains (or blinds) of choice does not interfere with functionality.

5. Cushions

Other than offering comfort, cushions can instantly transform a boring, plain sofa into an interesting furniture piece. Be sure to select larger cushions as the smaller cushions could seem like they came with the sofa set. Go wild with the colour choice and textures as they require zero commitment and are easily interchangeable. If you prefer matching colours, simplicity is also an option.
With these tips in mind, it’s time to make some changes to your home! Whip out your pen and paper and start planning for the new additions to your home. Discuss with your loved ones to get inspired. Cheers to a great house makeover!

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