Terms and Conditions

This document is a key component of the Terms and Conditions for agent subscriptions in HugProperty. (“The Service”). Agent members (“The Agent”) and user members (“The User”) are to abide by these guidelines when using the Service.

These guidelines are designed to continue to provide fairness and transparency for both consumers (“The Consumer”) and agent/user members – and discourage any abuse of the system that might be harmful for consumers, other agent members and/or HugProperty (Hug Property Pte Ltd).

HugProperty reserves the right to suspend any member at any time in offence of the guidelines.

CEA Act 2010

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) is a statutory board established under the Estate Agents Act 2010 to administer the enhanced regulatory framework for the real estate agency industry. Commencing its operations from 22 October 2010, CEA’s principal functions are to license the estate agents (referring to the estate agencies) and register salespersons (referring to the property agents), promote the integrity and competence of estate agents and salespersons and engage in public education efforts to help consumers in property transactions.

The CEA have enforced the Estate Agents Act 2010 to regulate real estate agents and salespersons in the industry.

In addition to the Advertisement and Content Guidelines, HugProperty will wherever practically possible monitor and moderate according to CEA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care: Duties in respect of advertisements under the Estate Agents Act 2010:

  • they must not cause or allow to be made any advertisement that contains any offer, proposal, statement, representation, claim or information that is inaccurate, false or misleading;
  • they must ensure that all materials that advertise or promote a property accurately describe the property;
  • any claims of expertise, specialisation or success rate can be substantiated by verifiable facts and records;
  • they must obtain the prior agreement of the client before advertising any property of the client for any purpose, including sale or rental;
  • they must not advertise any property at a price or on other terms, or in any manner, different from those instructed by the client;
  • the advertisement shall not include any transaction information about any specific property (including the name of the parties, the sale and purchase price, rent payable and any other terms of the transaction), without the consent in writing of all the parties to the transaction, regardless of whether the salesperson or estate agent had been involved in the transaction;
  • the advertisement and its placement shall not directly or indirectly infringe any law or legal rights; and
  • they must remove all advertisements in relation to a property once the property is no longer available for sale or rental for whatever reason, or after the termination of the estate agency agreement in respect of the property. HugProperty will work with authorities to help resolve any suspected illegal activities. To preserve the trust of our users, HugProperty reserves the right to suspend any agent convicted of illegal activities or remove all listing/s that is either illegal or misrepresentative at any point of time.

Please note that it is against the law to:

  • Use other people’s photos without their permission.
  • List properties and photos without owner’s permission or to falsely represent owner’s property

Content Guidelines

Agent/User Account and Profile

  • Strictly no sharing of account. Account is for one person use only – any reference to multiple persons or teams is not allowed in key information – name, agent photo, phone number.
  • Accounts are strictly for single agent use and not for group/agency/representing specialist.
  • Account name should be the agent’s name registered with the estate agency according to CEA requirements. It should not include agency name/specializing areas/multiple agent names.
    Agent is responsible for keeping his account and profile details up-to-date. Contact and agency information should be accurate and updated at all times as required by the CEA.
    Mobile and alternate phone numbers should both belong to the registered agent where he/she can be reached at. An alternate number should not be another agent’s number (eg. Co-broking, partner, mentor, etc.) that is not registered to the account.
  • Using somebody else’s photo as a profile photo is absolutely forbidden.
  • Agent profile photo should be a facial photo of the registered agent, equivalent to that of a passport photo or the facial photo used in agent’s namecards.
  • Logos and/or symbols are not allowed to be used as agent profile photo and will be removed.
  • Agent profile is not allowed to have any links to other than Agent’s personal website where the advertised property can be found.

Listing Regulations

As a general guideline, the account provided is a personal account and we expect that agents only use listings they can directly serve, and that the agents keep the listings information up-to-date.

These specific rules are aimed at keeping the listing quality high, as well as avoid conflict with other agents:

  • All listings posted should be genuine and of real time. False, fake, unpermitted and misleading ads will be removed and can lead to account suspension.
  • Reported unauthorised listings will be removed immediately.
  • Agent is responsible for making sure that the listing is taken off from the Service when the property is no longer available (e.g. sold, or property is withdrawn from the market).
  • “SOLD” adverts and “Looking for buyers” ads are not allowed and will be removed immediately.
  • Re-posted listings that are no longer available will be removed permanently from the system.
  • Random posting of listings from other media sources or agency is not allowed.
  • “Fishing” of clients by using fake & false listings is absolutely forbidden and can lead to account suspension.
  • Listings are based on per unit per listing – 1 unit per ad. Generalizing multiple projects into one listing is forbidden and will be removed immediately.
  • ONLY local listings are permitted. Unauthorized overseas property listing will be removed immediately. Property Information and Photos
    Agent must not post any material (especially photos) on the listings that he/she doesn’t have the copyright for, or permission from the copyright holder. HugProperty reserves right to remove any material that breaches copyright laws or in act of infringement.
  • Agent is not allowed to post other than property photos and/or videos for the listings relevant to the property. Interior photos MUST be an exact representation of the unit advertised. Photos as illustration purposes SHOULD ONLY be scanned images from project brochures. Disclaimer that “photos are for illustration purposes only” will not be considered and images will be suspended immediately.
  • All property information should be in ENGLISH. Listings with foreign languages should have a complete English translation of the ad or it will be removed immediately.